The Steering Committee

The Coalition is governed by a Steering Committee consisting of representatives of federal, state, and local government employees. The Committee members are listed below.

Steering Committee

  • Ken King, Chair, VDOT
  • David Rosenberg, NYSDOT
  • Robert Horr, Thousand Island Bridge Authority
  • Hon. Chris Van Hollen, MD
  • Tyson Byrne, MDOT
  • Hon. Shelley Captio, WV
  • Robert Pennington, WV DOT
  • Hon. Elaine Mauck, Berkeley County, WV
  • Hon. Phil Roe, 1st District, TN
  • Michelle Christian, TDOT
  • Hon. Ben Cline, VA
  • Rick Rovegno, Ex Officio, PA
  • George Pomeroy, Ex Officio, PA


  • Dan Walston, PA Division of the FHWA
  • Nan Mann, Van Hollen, MD
  • Chris Strovel, Capito, WV
  • Bill Albright, Roe, TN


  • Lynn Weiskopf, NYSDOT
  • Matt Mullenax, HEPMPO, MD
  • Elwood Penn, WV DOT
  • Chris McDonald, VDOT