The next annual meeting will be held at the Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke, Virginia, March 23-24, 2015

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Tentative conference agenda

Make your hotel reservations here or call Hotel Roanoke at: (540) 985-9500

Interested in becoming a conference sponsor or exhibitor?

Sponsorships available are:

March 23rd
Breakfast or Breaks: $650
Lunch: $1500 - $2000
Dinner: $2500 - $3000
March 24th
Breakfast or Breaks: $650
Luncheon: $1000 - $1500
Exhibitors: $650
By offering a sponsorship or deciding to bring an exhibit for our meeting, you get a table to exhibit at (electricity furnished if needed), a registration, your name in the program, on the registration website, and signage for the area you are sponsoring. We would make sure that the table was set up in a place where the company would get good traffic (i.e. close to registration and/or snacks and beverages).  

The 2015 Freight Academy is now accepting applications for their training program to be held April 26 - May 3

This is a very worthwhile and intensive training program that has benefited many public and private freight stakeholders from around the nation. The training will take place in and around the New Brunswick, NJ area.

For more information, please access the 2015 Freight Academy website at:

Comprehensive Truck Size and Weight Limits Study Public Outreach Webinar

Registration is now available for December 18 USDOT Comprehensive Truck Size and Weight Limits Study –Second Public Outreach Session Webinar. This webinar is taking the place of the regularly scheduled Talking Freight seminar and will occur from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST.

You MUST register in advance in order to attend this webinar. Please register at

Description: On December 18, 2013 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. (EST), USDOT will hold the second Public Outreach Session to provide an update on the MAP-21 Comprehensive Truck Size and Weight Limits Study progress. This session will be held as a webinar and will include a review of draft desk scans, project plans, selected truck configurations and an updated project schedule.  Prior to the webinar, USDOT will post documents at:   USDOT will accept comments on these materials through January 3, 2014.  

Additional Details:

This topic is expected to have high interest and registration is limited to the first 500 people. To help ensure that the maximum amount of people can attend this webinar, please:

  • Only register if you will be able to attend the webinar. If you register and then find out you will not be able to attend, please notify me at so I can cancel your registration and make room for someone else.
  • Attend in a group setting in a conference room if possible. If you decide to do this, only one person from your group needs to register. 

If you have not yet participated in Talking Freight, I encourage you to do so. These monthly seminars, sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration, are held via web conference, which means that you view the PowerPoint presentations over the Internet while listening to the presenters over your computer or the telephone. There is no cost involved and you do not have to leave your desk to participate. More information about Talking Freight is available at

Links to past presentations and recordings are available on

Talking Freight seminars are eligible for 1.5 AICP Certification Maintenance Credits (for AICP members). In order to receive credit, you must attend the full seminar and login to the seminar with your full name or type your full name into the chat area during the seminar if you are in a room with a group of people. Visit the AICP web site for more information about AICP Certification Maintenance Credits.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Symoun, Leidos, 703-318-4267 or

Local Affordability Portal Webinar Scheduled for Monday, December 9; 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

Registration Link:

U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan and U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, recently unveiled two cutting-edge data tools: the Location Affordability Index (LAI) and My Transportation Cost Calculator (MTCC). This webinar will provide an overview of both tools, which were developed with the input of real-estate industry professionals, academics, and expert staff from HUD and DOT.

For questions about the webinar please contact Lilly Shoup at  or 202-366-8134.

I-81 Corridor Coalition Newsletter

RAIL Solution announces record gift at annual meeting

The late Professor Richard Rusk of Blacksburg, VA, a life-long champion of energy efficiency and other environmental causes, has named RAIL Solution in his will as a recipient of 25% of his estate. Rusk was an associate professor and assistant head of the Physics Department at Virginia Tech, where he worked from 1949 until his retirement in 1982.

RAIL Solution chairman Rees Shearer said,  “We are extremely fortunate to have known Richard Rusk and are humbled by his generosity.  This could be a game-changer for us and allow us to do some things we’ve long wanted to do but couldn’t afford.”  The group plans to work with the Physics Department at Virginia Tech to place a memorial plaque in honor of Professor Rusk.

RAIL Solution, a non-profit rail advocacy group, held its annual meeting on Saturday, November 16, at the Roanoke Higher Education Center.

1st Quarterly Webinar for the FHWA National Performance Measures Research Data Set (NPMRDS) (posted 10/21)

The Federal Highway Administration will be holding the first Quarterly Webinar for the National Performance Measures Research Data Set (NPMRDS) for travel times on November 1, 2013 at 1PM.  This is the probe data that FHWA is using internally for passenger and freight analysis and making available to States and MPOs.  The intention of the webinar is to serve as a source for technical assistance and to provide information sharing and user ideas for using the data. 

To access the webinar, please register at:

For more information on the data set:

I-81 Stakeholders Note:  An updated edition of the FWHA's Highway Functional Classification Concepts, Criteria, and Procedures booklet is now available! (posted 10/10)

It is the first  major update to the 1989 original.  Access it online at .  

Please contact Spencer Stevens (Office of Planning) at or 202-366-0149 or Joseph Hausman (Office of Policy) at or 202-366-5047 if you have any questions.

FREIGHT PARTNERSHIP V, a meeting jointly organized by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the Federal Highway Adminstration (FHWA), has published presentations from the meeting, which are available at  .  (posted 10/10).

A summary report is forthcoming.


The Air Quality and Transportation Conformity Highlights provides the latest news and information on transportation related air quality activities, including information on transportation conformity, the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) program, Mobile Source Air Toxics, and other activities undertaken by the Air Quality and Transportation Conformity Team.  

Items of interest in this issue include:

  • FHWA Released Maps for the 2008 Ozone Nonattainment Areas

  • PM Quantitative Hot-Spot Analysis Examples are Available on FHWA’s Website

  • STAQS 2013 Virtual Meeting will be held September 23 and 24

I would encourage you to share the Highlights with State and local transportation and air quality partners, and all who may be interested in transportation related air quality issues.  Past issues of the Highlights are available on FHWA's website at:

Divisions and the Resource Center are encouraged to email suggestions for items to be included in the Highlights to:  If you have any questions regarding the items included in the Highlights, please contact Cecilia Ho at or at 202-366-9862. 

MPOs and state DOTs take note: Access vehicle probe data available at FHWA's Operations and Freight website - .  (posted 10/9)

I-81 Stakeholders Note:  FHWA and FTA have jointly developed proposed guidance implementing the MAP-21 provisions that require representation by providers of public transportation on MPOs that serve TMAs. 

This requirement has to be met  no later than October 1, 2014.   The proposed guidance has been published in the Federal Register and is available at:

The comment period for this proposed guidance is 30 days and ends on October 30th. 

TRB's Tuesdays Webinar: Advances in Travel Demand Forecasting - posted 9/6/13

As part of the SHRP Tuesdays Webinar Series, TRB will conduct a webinar on October 1, 2013 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm ET that will explore five SHRP projects relating to travel demand forecasting:

There is no fee to attend this webinar and other webinars in the SHRP 2 Series; however, participants must register in advance. A certificate for 2 Professional Development Hours (PDH) will be provided to attendees who register and attend the webinar as an individual. This webinar is pending approval by the American Institute of Certified Planners for 2 Certification Maintenance Credits.

To register NOW - click here!



The Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI) invites you to attend a Public Open House meeting regarding the 2013 Virginia Statewide Multimodal Freight Plan. At this meeting, core elements of the plan will be shared and the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment will answer questions and receive comments on the planning document thus far.

The Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI) invites you to attend a Public Open House meeting regarding the 2013 Virginia Statewide Multimodal Freight Plan. At this meeting, core elements of the plan will be shared and the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment will answer questions and receive comments on the planning document thus far.

WHAT: Public Open House meeting regarding core elements of the 2013 Virginia Statewide Multimodal Freight Plan. This is an opportunity to review and comment on the strategies and policy standpoints the Commonwealth is establishing in the 2013 Virginia Statewide Multimodal Freight Plan.

WHO: All stakeholders interested in being informed about the policies and strategies to be included in the 2013 Virginia Statewide Multimodal Freight Plan are encouraged to attend. The Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment, with support from all the transportation agencies, is hosting this meeting to give the public an in-person opportunity to review these materials.

WHEN: September 18, 2013 from 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

WHERE: Patrick Henry Building, West Reading Room, 1111 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23219.
Parking: After 5 p.m. please feel free to park in the gravel lot located on the south-west corner of 9th and Broad Street. Before 5 p.m., two-hour street parking is available.

Public Input on Transportation Priorities Sought for State Transportation Program Update - PennDOT Press Release, posted 8/28

Registration for Initiative’s First-Ever Online Public Meeting Also Encouraged.

Harrisburg – As part of the update to the commonwealth’s 12-Year Transportation Program, Pennsylvanians are invited to visit to provide input on their transportation priorities and to register for the program’s first-ever interactive online public meeting.   The program, which serves as a blueprint of prioritized transportation projects, is updated every two years through a cooperative effort among the State Transportation Commission (STC), PennDOT and its 23 regional planning partners.  Click here for the full press release.

Freight Planning Programs for State DOTs and MPOs - posted 8/13

Several programs and activities of the Second Round of the FWHA Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) have been announced.    These opportunities for state DOTs and MPOs include:

  • C19: Expediting Project Delivery - Contains 24 strategies to address or avoid 16 common constraints to speed delivery of transportation planning and environmental review projects.
  • R16: Railroad-DOT Mitigation Strategies - Contains model legal agreements, recommended practices, sample contracts, and training materials to resolve underlying sources of conflicts and streamline review and agreement processes.
  • R09: Managing Risk in Rapid Renewal Projects - This SHRP2 product was featured in the first round of implementation assistance opportunities; and two pilot projects were selected. In this round, we are seeking lead adopters to use this product to identify, assess, mitigate, allocate, and monitor risk on accelerated reconstruction projects.
  • R07: Performance Specifications for Rapid Highway Renewal - Contains example construction performance specifications requiring greater quality control for accelerated road and bridge projects in topic areas such as asphalt and concrete pavements, concrete bridge decks, and work zone traffic control.

This program may be of particular interest to state Departments of Transportation and Metropolitan Planning Organizations.  If you know people who would be interested in the program, please share the information in this announcement with them.  The due date for application submissions for all four of the above products is September 6th.

More details about the SHRP 2 Implementation Assistance Program are available at

Freight Partnership V Meeting Video Available Via AASHTO

AASHTO’s Transportation TV team recently placed a Freight Partnership V meeting-related video on its website.  The video includes presentation excerpts from U.S. DOT Deputy Secretary John Porcari, FHWA Deputy Administrator Greg Nadeau, AASHTO Executive Director (and former FHWA Executive Director) Bud Wright, Illinois DOT Secretary Ann Schneider, Florida Assistant DOT Secretary Rich Biter, and AASHTO Intermodal Programs Director Leo Penne.  To view the video, click on this link:



The Interstate 81 Corridor Coalition

What is the Interstate 81 Corridor Coalition?

The coalition is partnership comprised of local, regional, and state organizations that are all interested in sound transportation planning. The Coalition includes local governments, metropolitan planning organizations, and state transportation departments, as well as private sector and non-profit organizations. These partners are from each of the six states that the corridor runs through.

Vision of the I-81 Corridor Coalition

The I-81 Corridor Transportation Network, supporting both freight and passenger movement will be safe, efficient, environmentally sensitive, seamless and intermodal. The network will support economic development and encourage coordinated land use policy.

Mission of the I-81 Corridor Coalition  - revised 8/26/13

We will work collectively in the I-81 corridor to improve to the safety and efficiency of freight and passenger movement so that lives will be saved, costs will be reduced, and economic development opportunities will be expanded.  These objectives will be accomplished through the sharing of information and coordinated decision making, management, and operations.   

Interstate 81

Interstate 81, 855 miles in length and traversing six states, is part of the Eisenhower National System of Interstate Highways. Given its proximity to the highly urbanized and densely populated northeastern United States, the highway is one of the nation's leading conduits for goods movement and truck traffic. As such there are significant issues of congestion, safety, economic development, land use, and environment. Historical trends, increasing population, and greater development along the corridor strongly indicate a worsening of these complex transportation problems and thus urgently suggest a highly coordinated planning and management effort for Interstate 81.

Special Features

"Fear, Facts, and Future":  A Roanoke Times Special Feature

Behind each of the 266 fatal crashes on I-81 between 1998 and 2008 is a story of human lives. Families. Commuters. Vacationers. Truckers. Many begin like any other trip on the road, then something happens. A tire blows. The road gets icy. Someone falls asleep. Click on the points below to read about the many lives upon whom I-81 has left an indelible mark.

Special Feature

I-81: Troubled Highway: A Multi-Newspaper Special Feature 

A joint feature of the Public Opinion, Chambersburg; The Sentinel, Carlisle; and the Lebanon Daily News, along with a journalism class at Shippensburg University taught by Dr. Michael Drager.

 The four-part series, published simultaneously by the three newspapers in print and online Jan. 16-19, examines the ways Interstate 81 has re-shaped the smaller communities along its path, including Chambersburg, Carlisle and Lebanon. It has been both an economic lifeline and a challenge to public safety, while its continued viability is increasingly at risk due to little funding or public commitment to its future.

  View article